Online Czech language course

Terms of training: 15 weeks, new course begins every 1st of each month
Intensive Courses: 4 * 45 minutes per week
Course price: 650 euro

Online course - a new proposal from the Karel English College. Having extensive experience in the implementation of the programs E-lerning Moodle, teachers have developed a program language online courses of Czech language for foreign students. The advantages of this course are individual approach, economical cost and maximizing the chances of getting into Czech universities. Online Czech language course conducted for 15 weeks and allows students to learn the language to A2. The next step in language learning for the student can be an intense summer course with admission to any private university in the Czech Republic without entrance examinations or yearlong course of Czech language with admission to public universities for free. 

Choosing an online course of the Czech language, you get: 

  • A1 + A2 levels after 15 weeks
  • Individual training
  • Affordable prices
  • Fascinating lessons, interactive exercises in reading, phonetics, writing
  • Consultation and communication with native speakers in real time
  • Combining the last year of schooling with learning the Czech language online
  • Learning a language is a convenient time for you
  • Enrolling in private Czech universities immediately after school.

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