Specialized Center of Education and Languages

Dear all,

I am glad that you have visited our pages. Please let us introduce to you our Center of education and languages.
Specialized centre of education and languages (SCEL) was established as department of Karel Englis College, a.s. (KEC) and assumed responsibility for supporting and extending of international activities of KEC Inc.

The priority of the centre is the support of those foreign students – applicants who want to pass entrance exams and study at universities in the Czech Republic. The main objective is through preparation of a student to use Czech language which is possible to extent with other subjects according to our offer and student's wishes.

We offer to students complete assistance in their bold plan to study abroad and we meet their individual needs which help students to acclimatise to the new sociocultural environment. Nowadays departments of SCEL are situated in Prague and Brno where qualified proffesionals take care of our students.

Specialized centre of education and languages of Karel Englis College, a.s. offer effective intensive courses of Czech language broaden with specific subjects which allow complex preparation of students for admission to universities.

We see our principle in close co-operation with specialists of KEC who take share in schooling of specific subjects of individual courses. Karel Englis College, a.s. supports the schooling in our centre which we consider as contribution to the whole project.

Students of the courses in our centre gain status of student in lifelong education program when they are enrolled. The courses are not only commercially based but they are also included in welldeveloped study conception.

I would like to kindly invite you to visit our school and make nice decision for your future life.

Head of Centre

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